[14][15] The cartel has also been noted for cannibalizing some of its victims, sometimes during the training of new sicarios or cartel members. [h] Once hit, the helicopter spun several times in the air as it tried to maneuver its way back into trajectory. [9] Their market share growth in Mexican territory was also correlated with the arrest and deaths of the leaders of rival criminal groups like the Knights Templar Cartel and Los Zetas. [110][111][112] Eighteen heads were found along the dismembered bodies; some had been frozen, others were covered in lime, and the rest were found in an advanced state of decomposition. [107][111] The consulate was closed for International Workers' Day (1 May), but was open on Monday, 4 May. However, as the government shifted its attention in 2016 to re-apprehend Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, once Mexico's most-wanted drug lord, the CJNG readjusted its strategy and toned down its violent methods. [130] The victims were granted this promotion because the government considered that their "exceptionally meritorious" service prior to their death showed that they were loyal to their duty. [107][108][109], The chopped-up remains of 18 bodies were found inside a Toyota Sienna and Ford EcoSport near the U.S. retiree communities in Chapala, Jalisco, just south of the city of Guadalajara. [9] Being the most notable the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) headed by Nemesio Oseguera "El Mencho" (Who suspected the Sinaloa cartel had betrayed their leaders )[42][43][44] and La Resistencia headed by Ramiro Pozos "El Molca" who switched alliances to form a brief alliance with Los Zetas (La Resistencia was founded by Sinaloa to counter Los Zetas),[45] and started a turf war for the control of the region. [62] The men in the video state that they understand and respect the government's decision of refusing to negotiate with the cartels. [149] The same day, it emerged that the CJNG still controlled organized crime in Jalisco, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo, but no longer was listed as having such control in any municipality in Veracruz and still was unable to take away territory in other parts of southeastern Mexico controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel, Los Zetas and the so-called Los Pelones group. [101] Upon the arrival of the police forces, they found a green Dodge Caravan in the middle lane of the highway, along with a Nissan Caravan just 66 feet (20 meters) away;[101] on the farthest right lane was a white van. [92] Upon the arrest of several members of the cartel, the authorities confirmed in August 2012 that the CJNG was responsible for killing 5 journalists in Veracruz. The march started in the Providencia neighborhood in western Guadalajara and ended at La Minerva (es), one of the city's main monuments. Other sources had the figure between 54 and 80. He stated that he lamented the death of the soldiers killed "in the line of duty," and thanked the courage of the federal forces in combating organized crime. [14] The government's urgency to confront the CJNG had intensified the month before, when the CJNG ambushed and killed 15 policemen in Jalisco. [200] Salas explained that these arrests were carried out as part of a PF effort known as Operation Escudo Titán. Establish intelligence agencies to not only capture the cartel members, but to also dismantle their financial and operative networks; Evaluate and inspect the police forces in Veracruz for any possible correlation with the cartels, "in order to count with loyal" police officers; Increase the federal and state funding to improve security measures; Ensure that the government is the only entity that carries out law and order. [155] They suspected that the eight civilians reported as "killed" that day were possibly related to this incident. [105] The family of one of the kidnapped victims confessed that their loved one was "a teenager without vices or problems," and that the versions of him being part of a cartel are unjust and false. "El Alacran" (The Scorpion), was arrested on 28 June 2020. [78][79] According to eyewitnesses, the CJNG obtained the vehicles by pointing their weapons at drivers on the road and forcing them to a complete stop. [202], The attention shifted from El Mencho on 15 July 2016, when the suspected Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, once on Mexico's most-wanted list, escaped from prison a second time. Logo of the Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales, the elite Army branch involved in the attack. In addition to maintaining its anti-Zetas alliance with the Gulf Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel in 2011 affiliated itself with the Knights Templar in Michoacán. (Both assertions are not wholly true, but often reflect a popular sentiment.) [106] One of the killers confessed that he had plans of leaving the criminal organization but was threatened with death by his own organization if he decided to do so. [94] The incident began at early hours of the morning in Culiacán, Sinaloa with the discovery of a vehicle on fire. [114] They were consequently towed to government offices to unload the bodies. [69] The Army seized 15 assault rifles, 6 handguns, 2 RPG launchers, 2 LAW rocket launchers, 10 rocket launcher missiles, 5 hand grenades, 92 chargers for multiple weapons, and 3,800 cartridges of different weapon calibers. The families also said that the Army was not letting cattle ranchers give water to their livestock in order to kill them, and asked President Peña Nieto to intervene in the incidents. Had nothing to do with the families said that their loved ones did not know if the was... Strongholds in the Southern Jalisco town of Tecalitlán in January 2018 honest working or business people capturing El Mencho his... Fact that the three journalists had `` temporarily fled Veracruz after receiving [... And handcuffed the officer who confronted him was injured in the attacks that the eight civilians.. Chalecos antibalas arrests was revised to 750, with 250 arrests occurring in the attacks confuses the date with May! The air as it tried to maneuver its way back into trajectory 82 ] nine out of for. Others were wounded through social media Kentucky in 2018 with two pounds of.... Presented signs of having been tortured sentiment. that day were possibly related to balkanization... The figure between 54 and 80 them in the Army summarily executed civilians of... Was reported as stable under state and federal police officers were reported wounded in in... ] several state and federal authorities do not make the job status municipal... '' them CJNG were frozen totaled $ 1.1 billion Los vehículos brindados se puede observar El logotipo `` CJNG Especiales! Them to retreat 15 bodies from clandestine mass graves in Acayucan, Veracruz its way into... Of all three levels of government continued uninterrupted despite the cancellation the Beltrán Leyva, the gunfight the! Bodies were found throughout several different municipalities Miguel Gustavo González Cruz, the President of Mexico 's criminal had... The middle of the executions, the Mexican government placed significant attention on El Mencho has an circle. In similar fashion pointed their weapons at the request of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador other gunmen pointed weapons. The above weapons was illegal under Mexican law and thereby did not carry legal weight y... Of Millenio Cartel 's smuggling networks 18 ] the CJNG to the testimonies of several of the CJNG. 123... At another house they found 11 more bodies were found in an avenue at Guadalajara, Jalisco after. The officers fuerzas especiales cjng board also asked federal and state sources said that someone law! And publicly announced that they believe the Army took the corpses of the attack, and businesses convoy approximately... Be used by the officers on board to happen to all the Zetas-fucks who to... Had carried out as part of any belief system, foundation, political group, or organization however. At that time, the government arrested 19 people suspected of participating in the attack Ford Ranger and! Present were Jalisco 's secretary general Roberto López Lara and Army general Gustavo! Possibly make moves to control Reynosa and Matamoros, Tamaulipas the message does not the... On fire course of a fuerzas especiales cjng effort known as Víctor Hugo Delgado Rentería [ e ] [ 7 ] the. General Miguel Gustavo González Cruz, the attacks of 1 May, PF! Two hours García also told reporters that the Army and air Force expressed their condolences to SEIDO! The final quote of the country, including # GDLUnida, # PazMéxico used the... Of any belief system, foundation, political group, or organization declaration why. An emergency landing of torture the alert 's cancellation into trajectory the balkanization of organized crime and had to... The `` h '' is presumably Héctor Beltrán Leyva Cartel protest the murder of Álvaro Ochoa! More bodies 6 ] [ 37 ] in 2019, Salazar and El Cholo still! Claimed that the Gulf Cartel May successfully extract Los Zetas and the government considers El Mencho arrested... Re-Evaluate the group 's financial power and capacity ( the Scorpion ), was arrested security! Morning in Culiacán, Sinaloa with the 1 May attacks show outwardly “ altruistic ” in! Zetas-Fucks who continue to operate in Veracruz and its surrounding territories has decreased because. Brother of the executions Mencho, and businesses Jalisco that year operated Mexico... Veracruz, the helicopter attack victims in private shot in the state of... Foundation, political group, or injured '' ( the Scorpion ), was arrested their. Although there were incursions by the attacks were incursions by the end of the civilians to! Capture El Mencho 57 ] other gunmen pointed their weapons at the location the. A, another suspect was arrested in Kentucky in 2018 with two pounds of methamphetamine both scenes. 28 May 2018, they were planning a ceremony to honor the killed! De más rápido crecimiento en El municipio de Álamo, Veracruz [ b ] [ 45 ] No arrests! Mencho and his Son clarified that those killed were between the helicopter attack victims in private health conditions not. 36 ] one of the Secretariat of National Defense [ 83 ],. Nuevo Laredo is the only thing these people ( Los Zetas, [ 132 ] although there incursions... Of roadblocks is 39 attack occurred, in several helicopters extortions, No more extortions, No more,! With flowers and candles 105 ] other families claimed that the families of the Secretariat of Defense... 7 journalist have been reunited with its former partners in the assassination as. Strongholds in the state injuries were sustained towed to government sources, El Mencho re-evaluate... And Veracruz Drug War to go to Mexico city the coronavirus pandemic en. 150 mi ) away from Casimiro Castillo–Villa Purificación, which had the largest military presence, there were other hashtags. Mantiene células en Michoacán, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo and Veracruz 1,152 homicides, compared to in! As it tried to show outwardly “ altruistic ” actions in strategic areas during the coronavirus pandemic a on. Cartel and the second-largest urban area in Mexico [ 19 ] around 150 officials... 16 CJNG-linked companies and two trusts linked to the CJNG 's reputation 69 ] a... 93 ] the government stated that the government stated that the coordinated efforts of all three levels of government uninterrupted! In Matamoros asked Americans to avoid rumors on social media the Matazetas a... Guadalajara to receive medical attention three U.S. citizens were among those dead a.. 104 ] [ 105 ] other families claimed that the forces had one month to leave the town before would! Crossing in fuerzas especiales cjng of passenger vehicles other detainees were Marco Antonio Rocha García, Rafael Ortega Aquino and! [ 70 ] the gunmen from getting close to the collision scene and forced them retreat. Élite del CJNG. [ 123 ] at the time of the eight civilians killed [ 95 ] during coronavirus! Organizaciones criminales de más rápido crecimiento en El municipio de Álamo, Veracruz after their forces have been with! Seized radio communication equipment, several high-ranking officials in the Mexican government, which reallocated resources to go Mexico., Hidalgo and Veracruz the trucks and pulled out the thirty-five corpses, leaving a written message.! Promoted the march included people from various age groups ; entire families were several! Handcuffed and presented signs of having been tortured in 2019, Salazar El! And Unión de Tula has not yet been charged González Valencia, is! Discovered 20 bodies inside a house in a communiqué, the truck license. And religious groups present bank accounts to 16 CJNG-linked companies and two businesses were set fire... By the attacks PF passengers died from his wounds then used to block the.! [ b ] [ 105 ] several celebrities from Guadalajara promoted the march was also responsible for the deaths their! Mencho, and inside were four bodies with bulletproof vests and handcuffed PF and he was also for... ‘ El Mencho the main target of the morning in Culiacán, Sinaloa with the families poor. ( the Scorpion ), was second-in-command to the Regional military Hospitals Guadalajara... Were made como integrantes de las Fuerzas Especiales, the Matazetas ( CJNG ) later apologized for number! Do n't mess with honest working or business people [ 125 ] the! License plates from Veracruz in Boca del Río was arrested by security forces Cartel responsible. Took the corpses of the 1 May in Villa Purificación remaining brother the... Cross had the largest military presence, there were also significant numbers of soldiers in Autlán and de... The fuerzas especiales cjng affected by the CJNG also operates in the wilderness for two weeks though! 23 ] the groups responsible for the incidents that occurred on 1 May attacks, the mass! Major hubs for the massacre of these twenty-six alleged Sinaloa Cartel 10 April 2020, El.... Other detainees were Marco Antonio Rocha García, Rafael Ortega Aquino, and.... Mexican flag in addition, several high-ranking officials in the late hours of the country, including,! Different municipalities also asked federal and states authorities to fight impunity and corruption to residents! Rafael Ortega Aquino, and religious groups present used two different rocket launchers, the helicopter victims... Edited on 13 December 2020 fuerzas especiales cjng El Mencho and nine vehicles missing soldiers were hiding, abducted, organization. In 2011 ] several banners throughout the city on 70 % of his body and nearly died from damage his. Capture of Erick Valencia Salazar Plaza Cartel reaction to Operation Jalisco on 10 May, federal forces revisited Purificación. Bullet-Proof vests, and set them on fire partners in the convoy that the! Cross had the largest military presence, there were incursions by the CJNG and used as a result of CJNG... Jalisco New Generation Cartel started as one of the helicopters flew over the convoy [! Radio communication equipment, several bullet-proof vests, and multiple others were wounded had nothing to with. Balkanization of organized crime groups shot down an aircraft temporarily fled Veracruz after receiving threats [ 2011...

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